About us

Kadence Physical Therapy LLC was established in 2021 by a physical therapist to help the community regain the maximal available functionality to the patients with Orthopedic, Neurological or any chronic or acute condition. Kadence was established with a goal to serve community with a motto clearly stated in the logo. “ Healing is our Motto. We heal with no Medication ”.

At Kadence, we provide home based out patient physical therapy. So, our clients do not have to leave the comfort of their home. Our work speaks for our Expertise. We are proud providers and certified trainer for LSVT Big protocol to help the patients with Neurological conditions including but not limited to Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, MS or any neurological condition with plasticity. We also make difference in the lives of the patients with any orthopedic, cardiovascular or even patient’s with Chronic Wounds.

Kadence Physical Therapy LLC